2024 Everything about Monster Hunter Now Paintball You Should Know

Monster Hunter Now is a location-based game that requires walking and collecting the monsters around you. It is time-consuming to search for the monsters by walking and battling with them, so Monster Hunter Now makes it easier for you to hunt the monsters according to your feasibility with the help of paintballs.

In this article, we will discuss more about paintballs in detail and provide you the tips to get and use the paintballs without struggling.

Part 1. What Are Paintballs In Monster Hunter Now?

Paintballs are a savior item in your inventory from which you can mark monsters to hunt them later. There are two types of paintballs: Regular Paintball (Pink) and Palico Paintball (Blue-Violet). Let’s see what each of these balls do.

Regular Paintball (Pink)

The regular paintballs will allow you to mark the giant monsters manually and battle them in your spare time. You can buy them to mark rare monsters.

regular paintball

Palico Paintball (Blue-Violet)

Palico paintballs automatically mark the monsters for you while your app is closed. To use the Palico paintball, you must enable the Adventure Sync. It will randomly mark the monsters, whether they are giant or small. Remember that it won’t allow you to mark the monsters manually.

If we compare these two paintballs, then we must say Palico is more efficient because of its automation. It saves time and executes while you are inactive, but these are rare compared to regular ones.

The paintball-marked monsters will only be visible for 48 hours. If the time limit exceeds, you won’t be able to battle with them, and the mark vanishes. In this way, you will lose your paintball without getting the benefits.

You can only use a total of 8 paintballs per day; it will not allow you to mark the monsters if the limit is exceeded even though you have paintballs left in your inventory. You will have a maximum of three attempts to fight each monster you have marked with the paintball.

palico paintball

Part 2. How To Get Paintballs In Monster Hunter Now?

There are only a few ways to get Paintballs in Monster Hunter Now, which we will discuss in this part. The starting two methods will be done within the game, while for the third method, you will need a GPS spoofer to get Paintballs. We will demonstrate each method in detail; you can follow anyone you find easier.

1) Purchase Regular Paintballs

You will get three free regular paintballs daily, but if you need more, you must purchase them by exchanging gems. You can also purchase the Celebration Pass to increase the capacity of paintballs and earn gems.

You can exchange 180 gems for one ball and 900 gems for five balls. You must have a sufficient number of gems to buy the regular paintballs.

purchase regular paintball

2) Level Up Hunter Ranks (HR)

This is one of the easiest ways, but getting the regular paintballs will take time. It would help if you leveled up the Hunter Ranks (HR), and you will get a paintball at every level. Initially, you will get it after achieving every level, but when you are at HR 11, it will give the paintballs after every ten levels.

This method is recommended if you are a regular player and can level up quickly without struggling. It may also be a tactic of the developers to push the users to rank up earlier to collect the paintballs.

3) Using Monster Hunter Now Spoofer (MocPOGO)

Using a GPS spoofer is one of the most efficient techniques to collect the paintballs easily. You don’t need to walk miles and miles to level up and collect in-game items. Instead, it will automate your walking through its teleporting feature. It will teleport your location within a flash to wherever you want.

MocPOGO is a top-notch GPS spoofer with the ultimate spoofing experience on location-based apps and games. It will make it convenient for you to teleport your location to gathering points to gather in-game items. Secondly, you can easily change the location to large parks to find larger monsters.

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mocpogo logo
One-Click to Spoof Monster Hunter Now
Available for:

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  • Change GPS location on iOS device without jailbreak.
  • Simulate GPS movement with custom speeds.
  • Change the location of all location-based games/apps.
  • Support GPS joystick to play AR game on PC.
  • Multi-Device control up to 15 devices.
  • Support the latest iOS 17/Android 14.

Steps to use MocPOGO

Step 1 Download button showing your relevant OS. Launch the software and click the Start button to continue.

mocpogo main interface

Step 2 Select the type of device you are using and connect it via data cable to your PC.

mocpogo select device

Step 3 Tap the Teleport Mode icon on the map and search where you want to spoof your current location. Set the speed by dragging the slider.

enter location

Step 4 Hit the Search button, and it will show a small box on the map with your traveling coordinates. Click Go to teleport your location.

change location success

Part 3. When To Use Paintballs In Monster Hunter Now?

It must be known to every Monster Hunter Now user that Paintballs are rare to collect. You must be careful while using them for any monster. Let’s discuss some of the tips to know when to use the paintballs so that you will never waste them.

Tip 1: Try to hold the Paintballs for 6-star or higher monsters because they will give you higher-grade materials.

Tip 2: If you don’t find any higher star monster nearby, you must hold the paintballs until you find it.

Tip 3: Utilize the paintballs within 48 hours of applying it because it will vanish after the limit, and you won’t be able to battle the monster.

Tip 4: Do not overuse the paintballs; try to use them wisely because you have a daily combined limit of 8.

Tip 5: Using the paintballs in larger parks is preferable because you will find giant monsters there.

Also Know: Fix Monster Hunter Now Paintballs Error 6-4

The error 4-6 appears when the user wants to hunt the monster again. If you hunted the monster a few hours back, it will take time to vanish, and the new monster will appear. You will lose the paintballs if you apply it to the same monster again.

It may be designed by the developers to restrict the users from hunting the monster again. You must remember which monster you have hunted because you may lose your hard-earned paintball if you mark that monster again.

No solution is currently available for this error, but you can always contact support for guidance.


We have discussed everything you need to know about paintballs, and now you have all the knowledge to get and use paintballs in Monster Hunter Now. Compared with the other techniques, it is more convenient to use a safe GPS spoofer like MocPOGO, which helps you collect the paintballs faster. It will assist you in reaching monsters and gathering points easily, and level up faster in the game.

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