How to Spoof Monster Hunter Now on Android Device

Monster Hunter Now, one of the most popular augmented reality mobile games, has ignited immense enthusiasm among gamers. This game relies on your current location. It’s important for you to be in a place where you can freely enjoy the game. This game operates based on your location and necessitates real-time location access. Consequently, it often prompts players to ask, “How can I spoof Monster Hunter Now on Android device?” In this blog, we’ll discuss various methods for easy location spoofing.

Before Spoofing Monster Hunter Now on Android Device

Before you engage in location spoofing, there are important considerations. Firstly, this technique offers benefits, like enhancing your rewards and speeding up your progress in Monster Hunter Now. It accomplishes this by simplifying task completion. However, selecting a trustworthy location spoofer is crucial, as a poor choice can result in a permanent ban from the game.

The Safest Way to Spoof Monster Hunter Now on Android Device

If you’re looking for ways on how to spoofer Monster Hunter Now on Android device then this is a must know section for you. There are currently two tools that can get you over the line:

Way 1. Download and Using MocPOGO for Android

You can use MocPOGO for Android to spoof location on Monster Hunter Now with only 3 steps. No complicated steps and no root required.

mocpogo logo
One-Click to Spoof Monster Hunter Now
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Change GPS Location on Monster Hunter Now

Step 1 Download and install MocPOGO for Andorid on your device.  Next, click the Monster Hunter Now icon on the right side.

mocpogo for android main interface

Step 2 Click on “OK” and you will be asked to launch and log into MHN.

game mode mhn mocpogo android

Step 3 Seach the location or choose on the map directly, and then hit “Teleport” to compltete the spoofing process.

Way 2. Download and Install VMOS Pro

Virtual Machine Operating System is one of the best ways to spoof location for playing Monster Hunter Now. The simple method is to create an emulator on your Android Phone server. Here are the simple steps that you need to take care of:

Step 1. Install the VMOS Pro 2.9.8 on your Android phone. For Android 12 and later, you have to install VMOS Assistant. (Check Part 3 to see how to achieve)

vmos pro

Step 2. Now, select the “+” button located on the upper right corner.

vmos pro plus

Step 3. Add VM ROM file with the plus sign.

Step 4. Select the Android 7.1 lite 64 bit – if your device hangs then select the 9.0.

Step 5. Once you’ve downloaded the ROM, the plus button will be visible. You need to add it and install the VM.

Step 6. After adding the VM, the virtual machine will automatically start.

Step 7. You need to press the lower left button and then open Settings.

Step 8. Tap on the Google Services located in the corner.

enable google service

Step 9. Once you’ve installed the Google service, tap Restart Now button to restart. It’ll automatically install the Google Services into VM.

Step 10. In the lower left corner, tap Settings button and scroll down to find authority manager to click on it.

Step 11. Now, you need to turn on “Background Keep Alive”,  and “Location Information” options.

authority management

After installing VMOS Pro, you need to download Monster Hunter Now on this virtual machine OS. Next, launch the game.

In the end, you should download a GPS spoofing app on the real machine such as Fly GPS, and spoof the Monster Hunter Now location.

If you want to jump to a place far away from your current location, it is recommended that you turn off the VM and use Fly GPS on the real machine first to jump to a place far away, and then turn on the VM to use MHN; if you are just catching monsters in a nearby location, then just start using it straight away.

After Changing Location No Monsters Around?

If you have changed your location, but you cannot find a huntable prey in Monster Hunter Now. What should I do in this case? There are two reasons that may cause this problem:

  1. Location service is disabled in VMOS Pro
  2. VMOS system is very laggy

There are solutions you can address the problem.

1. Enable Location Service

  • In VMOS Pro, go to Settings > Location Service > Enable it.

2. Download VMOS Assistant

  • Download and install the VMOS Assistant, and use the default program now the assistant is not in attendance.
  • Follow the instructions to “Go to activate~” “Go to pair”.
  • go to pair

  • Enable “Wireless Debugging” and click “Pair device with pairing code” to get the code.
  • enable wireless debugging

  • Last, enter the code in the notification bar.
  • enter pair code

Also Know: How to Get More Rewards with Referral Codes?

Even if you’ve tried all the methods mentioned above, you might still be wondering how to spoof Monster Hunter Now on your Android device. In that case, keep an eye out for these referral codes within Monster Hunter Now:

  • XFJ3KDF8
  • YV2F2Y48
  • D598XKHP
  • 63CPDJ6T
  • RNN2VCF3
  • MVDN3M6Y
  • 46DN38YM
  • 36KKF43D

FAQs about Spoofing Montser Hunter Now Android

Q1: How to avoid Monster Hunter Now ban duration?

Avoiding the ban duration on Monster Hunter Now is a straightforward process. First, carefully read the ban notice. Next, reach out to support. If you receive a temporary ban, patiently wait it out. Finally, file an appeal against permanent bans.

Q2: Can you use Fake GPS app on MH Now?

Yes, you can play Monster Hunter Now using a Fake GPS app. But, you need to choose the app wisely because if it gets detected, you’ll face an immediate ban. Additionally, exercise caution when employing the location spoofer.

Q3: After installing VMOS Pro, I can’t log into MH Now?

Restart the VM and go in again. The first time MHN logs in on a new system it needs to load some resources, which takes a long time, so if you encounter problems with getting stuck or logging in for a longer period of time, try restarting the VM and going in again!

“Searching for GPS signal” on MHN game on VMOS Pro VM?

It’s suggested that you use MocPOGO Android’s “Walk” or “Joystick” function to make the character walk around the map to solve this problem.


Monster Hunter Now operates on location-based mechanics. Players frequently desire to alter their in-game location to expedite rewards, although this carries the potential risk of receiving a ban. To address this, two location spoofing methods are available: VMOS for Android and MocPOGO for Android. However, it is crucial to exercise caution to evade detection. If you encounter temporary bans, you can simply wait them out. For permanent bans, there is the option to submit an appeal. Responsible and discreet usage is of paramount importance. Consequently, we strongly recommend the use of MocPOGO to master the art of spoofing your location in Monster Hunter Now on an Android device.

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