Everything About Pokemon Go Cooldown Chart

Have you been spending your summer playing Pokemon Go? If so, then you know the importance of the Pokemon Go Cooldown Chart. This chart demonstrates how the game’s internal mechanics work by outlining when certain in-game mechanics can be used. It also allows players to plan ahead and understand the various cooldowns related to catching Pokemon, spinning and collecting items from PokeStops. Knowing this information is key for both avid and casual players striving for success in the world of Pokemon Go. In this guide, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about the Pokemon Go Cooldown Chart.

Part 1: What is a Pokemon Go Cooldown?

If you are new to Pokemon Go Cooldown, not to worry, it is a straightforward concept. Upon performing certain moves in the game, players must pause for a period of time before continuing further. The duration will vary depending on the distance traveled. Certain actions don’t require any waiting period at all, while some activities will prompt it. Note that popular spoofing apps can’t influence your delay either, as it is programmed directly into Niantic’s system.

The Treasure Cooldown feature in Pokemon Go is designed to ensure a fair and balanced gaming experience. The cooldown works by tracking each player’s in-game activity, including how often they visit PokeStops and catch Pokemon. If these activities are conducted too frequently or if the player visits an excessive number of PokeStops, a timer is triggered and initiates the cooldown period.

Part 2: Pokemon Go Cooldown Chart Overview

In Pokemon GO, cooldown is a common game mechanic. It is the waiting time duration after performing every action.  Let’s understand what triggers Cooldown Pokemon GO:

Feeding a wild Pokemon with a berry (also applicable to raids), spinning a pokestop (even hit the spin limit), placing a pokemon in one of the gyms, feeding a gym defender within screen radar, catching a wild Pokemon, etc.

Here is the cooldown chart:

Distance Cooldown Distance Cooldown Distance Cooldown
1 km <1 min 26 km 15 min 375 km 54 min
2 km 1 min 42 km 19 min 460 km 62 min
3 km <2 min 65 km 22 min 500 km <65 min
5 km 2 min 76 km <25 min 565 km 69 min
7 km 5 min 81 km 25 min 700 km 78 min
9 km <7 min 100 km 35 min 800 km 84 min
10 km 7 min 220 km <40 min 900 km 92 min
12 km 8 min 250 km 45 min 1000 km 99 min
18 km 10 min 350 km <51 min 1100 km 107 min

Part 3: How to Teleport in Pokemon Go without Triggering Cooldown

Are you looking to teleport in Pokemon Go without triggering a cooldown? With MocPOGO, you can make it happen. It allows you to teleport anywhere in the game without triggering the cooldown timer.

MocPOGO allows you to quickly and easily transport your Pokemon to any location in the world, allowing for much faster exploration and hunting. It works by spoofing your GPS signal so the game will think you are still in the same spot – even though you’ve moved. What’s more, MocPogo is always up-to-date with the latest version of the game, ensuring a seamless experience every time.

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With Teleport mode, you will be able to alter the location in just seconds of time.

Step 1: After downloading and installing the tool, run it. Tap on the icon of “Teleport Mode” in order to locate your current location.

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Step 2: Hover over the search box and type the location name or coordinates. After that, click on the “Search” button to select the location.

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Step 3:“GO” option will appear in front of you. Tap on it and you will get the desired result.

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Tips: What Actions Do Not Trigger Cooldown in Pokemon Go

Are you looking to maximize your gains in Pokemon Go? Then you should be aware of the different actions that trigger a cooldown period and just as importantly, which ones won’t. Here’s a quick breakdown of what does NOT trigger a cooldown:

Hatching eggs, using Incense, using a lure module, using Star Pieces, collecting rewards from Raids, completing field research tasks, visiting a Gym, participating in Team Rocket battles, playing with your Buddy Pokemon, etc. Additionally, other features such as trading Pokemon, battling friends in Trainer Battles, joining clubs, purchasing items from the shop, etc will not cause cooldown penalties. Therefore, players can take full advantage of all of these activities without worrying about the cooldown timer.


Q1: What is Pokemon Go trading cooldown?

Pokemon GO trading is an important part of the game, allowing players to exchange their Pokemon in order to obtain better ones. However, players must be mindful of a Pokemon GO trading cooldown period put in place to discourage excessive trading. This cooldown period restricts players from participating in trades for a certain amount of time.

Q2: What is Pokemon Go gym cooldown?

The Pokemon GO gym cooldown feature is designed to prevent players from accessing the same gym over and over again. Every time a Pokemon is knocked out or defeated in a Gym battle, the Gym enters a cooldown period. During this period, no new Pokemon can be placed in the Gym and all existing Pokemon must leave.

Q3: What is Pokemon Go sniping cooldown?

In Pokemon GO, sniping is a powerful strategy for capturing distant creatures. However, with every successful endeavor comes the need to pause and replenish. After teleporting from location A to B and sniping a Pokemon, you will be required to wait for a certain duration known as Cooldown time. This interval depends on the distance you have virtually traversed.

Q4: What is the raid cooldown?

In Pokemon Go, raids are timed battles against very powerful Pokemon known as raid bosses. In order to participate in a Raid, you must first join a raid lobby with other players. Once the battle has ended and the raid boss is defeated, it will go into a cooldown period before it can be repeated.

Q5: What Happens when you get a soft ban?

There will not be any serious impact of soft ban. But it does mean that all of your hard-caught Pokemon will be lost and you won’t be able to access gyms or Pokestops during this time. Additionally, any berries or Pokeballs you have collected will be unusable until the suspension is lifted.

Final words

Understanding the Cooldown Pokemon GO is essential to becoming an effective Pokemon Go player. It is a valuable resource for any serious player looking to maximize their gaming experience. If you are looking for an effective tool to teleport in Pokemon Go without triggering a cooldown, then there is no better option than MocPOGO.

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