MocPOGO for iOS App

Change iPhone Location to Anywhere

Never worry about your location being tracked, and locate social media apps and AR games to a specific city to explore more fun. MocPOGO for iOS makes it easy to change location without jailbreaking.

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Arrive at the destination in an instant? So cool!

Yes, you can teleport iPhone GPS location to any place in just a click. No jailbreaking and no complicated steps. It supports all location-based apps or AR games on your iOS device. What's more, you can also surprise your friends by hiding your location with this amazing iOS location changer app!

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Tired of walking? Simulate GPS movement in games!

That's right, MocPOGO for iOS lets you simulate GPS movement in AR games like POGO. You can even customize the speed in three modes: walking, biking, or driving. You will be able to catch more Pokemon effortlessly!

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never cross the line of pokemongo-new

Never cross the line of POGO

By displaying the cooldown timer after each teleport, you will never break the POGO cooldwon timer rule. This is the special feature for POGO player. MocPOGO for iOS app will be the best partner to help you experience all the delights of the game.

GPS Joystick Controls and More

Ready to control your game character with 360-degree directions! MocPOGO for iOS enables you to use GPS Joystick to improve your gaming experience! You can also collect the spots and routes while moving. All your actions are saved to the historical records in case you forget an important location!

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Is it worth buying? You decide.

Try all the features before upgrade to pro. Never push you to make a decision.

See why we have a 99% customer happiness rating

"I highly recommend MocPOGO for iOS! I have used it to change my whatsapp location for my best friend's birthday surprise! It really works!"
"I desperately needed this app to simulate GPS movement in Pokémon Go because I broke my leg last week. Thanks to this app, I'm able to play this game at home!"
"This app is amazing, I just want to change my location to another city to avoid being tracked on social apps. It really helps and no need to change location all the time unless I restart my device."


  • gps Fake GPS Location
  • map Simulate GPS movement
  • speed Customized speed
  • time Display Cooldown Timer
  • root No Jailbreak required
  • joystick Supports GPS Joystick
  • records Historical records
  • spots and routes Collect spots and routes
  • iOS Compatiable with iOS 18 Beta
  • devices Workable for 5 devices

How It Works

4 steps to master the process of using MocPOGO for iOS App

teleport mode mocpogo ios
Step 1

Install MocPOGO for iOS.

enter location mocpogo for ios
Step 2

Enter location on the search bar.

enter location mocpogo for ios
Step 3

Click on "Teleport" on the map.

Step 4

Change iOS location successfully.

Tech Spec
brands All Models
iPhone: iPhone 5s to the latest iPhone
iPad: iPad, iPad Pro, iPad Air and iPad Mini all series
ios iOS/iPadOS versions
iOS: iOS 13, iOS 14, iOS 15, iOS 16, iOS 17, iOS 18 Beta
iPadOS: iPadOS 13 to iPadOS 17
Frequently Asked Questions
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