Step-by-Step Guide to Use MocPOGO for iOS


If you are still looking for a iPhone location changer app to fake GPS location, then you must know about MocPOGO for iOS. As a professional location spoofer, it helps you change location on iOS devices without jailbreak. Before using the features, please enable developer mode on iPhone. Here is the detailed steps to use MocPOGO for iOS app. Let’s check out!

If you are using the MacOS, you need to disable System Integrity Protection (SIP) on Mac. Please follow this guide to process.

Teleport Mode

After launching the app, you will see the current location on the map. You can enter the address or coordinates in the search box to change your iPhone GPS location.

teleport mode mocpogo ios

Now, select the location and hit “Teleport” on and map.

hit teleport mocpogo ios

MocPOGO for iOS will ask you to configure VPN, click on “Configure VPN” to go on.

configure vpn mocpogo ios

In a second, your location will be changed to there.

teleport success mocpogo ios

After changing your iOS location, all location-based software will be localized to the fake location.

Two-Spot Mode

Two-Spot mode allows you simulate GPS movements, please select another location on the map and click on “Walk” to control the action.

two spot mode mocpogo ios

While moving, you can customize the walking speed. Here are two modes on the tops of the screen. Slide the progress bar to adjust the speed.

adjust speed mocpogo ios

Once at your destination, click on “OK”. This will be more helpful if you are a gamer.

destination mocpogo ios

Disable Cooldown Timer Feature

After using the Teleport Mode, there is a cooldown timer on the map. This is exclusively for Pokémon GO users. You can disable this feature if you don’t play this game.

Go to the profile and toggle off Cooldown Timer option.

disable cooldown timer mocpogo ios

GPS Joystick Mode

GPS Joystick function, which allows you to control your in-game character without actually walking in real life.

Select the “GPS Joystick” icon on the right side, , and configure VPN.

gps joystick mocpogo ios

joystick configure vpn

A GPS Joystick controller will now appear on your screen. Tap the “Start” button to initiate walking, and adjust the slider to choose your direction.

Start button mocpogo ios

To zoom in or out of the controller, use the icon located at the bottom right corner (ideal for devices with too small or too large screens). Please hold down and drag the zoom icon instead of clicking it directly.

To exit GPS Joystick mode, click on the “Exit” icon and confirm by selecting “Yes.”

exit gps joytsick mocpogo ios

Other Features


Collect spots or routes by tapping the “Star” icon on the map.

click star icon mocpogo ios

name spot mocpogo ios

View favorite locations and routes with the Favorites button on the right side of the screen.

Check favorites mocpogo ios

Historical Record

All previously traveled routes and transmitted coordinates are stored in your history. Access them by clicking the “Time” button.

history mocpogo ios

Check history mocpogo ios

Resource Search

Want to know the exact location of the Pokemon you’re trying to catch? Try the Resource Search feature to find the Pokemon location and learn more details about the Pokemon, such as Coordiantes, Despawn, Move, CP and Lvl.

resource search mocpogo

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