How to Leave A Life360 Circle and What the Circle Color Mean

Life360 is a well-known family security application that gives ongoing location data to enrolled relatives’ whereabouts. The application just offers your information with the individuals from your confidential gathering, called a Circle, to save security. Notwithstanding a family Circle, you can add different Circles that incorporate extra individuals like dear companions.

In this article, we will take a look at how to leave a Life360 circle. Let’s get started!

What Is Life360 Circle? What do the Different Colors of Life360 Circle Mean?

Life360 is a family security administration that offers different administrations. Its essential center is to empower families to impart and keep in contact with one another.

For guardians who need to screen their kids from a good way, Life360 is a significant device. A planning framework permits your relatives to know precisely where you or any other person in the Family Circle, where Life 360 circle is situated at any predetermined moment, whether they are in your home or somewhere else.

Colors in the circles of the Life360 application are not negligible. The varieties of the circle or the application straightforwardly hold things like the data of individuals in the circle. Orange circle is the shade of risk in the circle. The orange tone is for the wellbeing of the individual you care about. What does Life360 purple circle meaning? The purple variety will show when a gadget gets connected to the Life360 application. It is more similar to showing a Bluetooth-associated contraption. The green circle implies that the location or drive discovery component of the individual has been enacted by him.

life360 circle color

What Happens When You Leave A Circle on Life360?

At the point when you leave or never again share your location with your Life360 Circle, there are different ways that your Circle individuals will get told. The particular activity you’ll take will decide the sort of warnings they’ll get. These activities include:

  • Switching off Location Administrations of Life360 – when you do this, different individuals in your Circle will see one of these messages under your name, ‘Location/GPS switched off,’ ‘GPS off,’ ‘Location Stopped,’ or ‘No organization on telephone.’
  • Leaving the Circle – your symbol won’t appear any longer in the Circle part’s guide.
  • Erasing the Life360 application – your most recent location is just how the situation is playing out. They can too see an interjection mark or a message saying, Location Following Stopped.

This is what happens when you leave a circle on Life360. In the following section, we will discuss how to leave a circle on Life360 without anyone knowing.

How to Leave A Life360 Circle without Anyone Knowing


How do you leave a circle on Life360? Indeed, MocPOGO – Location Changer is one of the finest tools to leave a Life360 circle. Here are a few steps you need to follow:

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Step 1 Click “Teleport Mode” to change your ongoing area to the new area.

teleport mode mocpogo

Step 2 At the inquiry bar, look for the area to which you need to set your area. Subsequent to choosing the new area, click on “Search”.

enter location mocpogo

Step 3 A new “Go” choice will show up on the new chosen area. Click on the “Go Button” to set your area.

change location success mocpogo

Android — Fake GPS Location

Numerous Android framework clients have suggested this application as the best fake GPS location application. This application has a straightforward landing page, is free, and can set “My Top picks” choice. Notwithstanding, there is as of now just an English rendition. Consequently, not agreeable for individuals are bad at English.

  • Open “Developer Mode” and “USB Troubleshooting” in Android gadget prior to utilizing the application. Permit location access. You can allude to the steps given previously.
  • Visit Google Play, download and open the application.
  • Type the location in the hunt field situated in the upper right corner and snap on the pursuit button.
  • After affirmation, the guide will be shown on the set virtual location.
  • use fake gps location

How do I leave a Life360 circle on Android? Simply follow the steps mentioned above!

How to Remove Yourself or Leave a Life360 Circle You Created

Leave a Life360 Circle You Created

Assuming you are the maker of your Circle, there is an extra step you ought to take prior to leaving it. You want to relegate your Administrator position to another Circle part. This interaction guarantees that the Circle keeps on having a part with the position to eliminate different individuals if fundamental.

  • Open your Life360 application and tap the Circle Switcher bar at the top.
  • leave life360 circle you created

  • Pick your Circle (the one you made).
  • pick your circle life360

  • Tap the Stuff symbol (Settings).
  • tap stuff symbol life360

  • Search for Circle The executives and afterward pick Change Administrator Status. Then Select a part to give them the position.
  • change administrator status life360

Remove Yourself from a Life360 Circle

  • Send off your iOS Life360 or Android Life 360 application and sign in if necessary.
  • Tap the Circle Switcher at the highest point of your screen, then select the Circle you need to leave.
  • Then, tap the stuff symbol (Settings) in the upper left corner.
  • Find and select Circle Management on the rundown.
  • cicrle management life360

  • Tap Leave Circle at the actual lower part of the screen.
  • leave life360 circle

  • Affirm your choice in the popup by picking Yes.
  • are you sure leave life360 circle

Sign out of Life360:

  • Send off your iOS Life360 or Android Life 360 application.
  • Then tap the stuff symbol (Settings) in the upper left corner.
  • Find and select logout choice.
  • Affirm your choice in the popup by picking Yes.
  • sign out life360

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Final Words

Life360 is a useful application for guardians who need to make certain of their youngsters’ location and security. Relatives can likewise observe one another and act speedily if there should be an occurrence of a crisis. While continuously knowing where your friends and family are is consoling, a period might come when you never again need to be a piece of a specific Circle. If you want to leave a Life360 circle, look no further than MocPOGO – Location Changer.

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