Does Life 360 Notify When You Log Out? 2024 Updated

Life360 is an amazing app for communication and location sharing. It allows the users to send their current location to their family members and close ones. Through this app, guardians can easily track their child’s location and frequently visited regions. By setting geo-fences in Life360, you can also see when a member from your circle leaves or arrives at an office, school, or home.

However, there will be some circumstances when you don’t want the app to share your location with other members. In that case, you may log out of the app. But does Life360 notify when you log out? Let’s find the answer to this burning question in this article.

Part 1. Does Life360 Notify When You Log Out?

Life360 sends alert messages within a circle which is only accessible to the circle members. The notifications generated are based on app-related activities and user security. Hence,  it does notify you when you log out of the app. The notification won’t be exactly about you logged out of the app. However, your circle members can see that your GPS or location is off. They will also see something like “No Network/Phone is Off” written beside your name.

Part 2. Understanding Life360’s Notifications

1. Life360 sends notifications for certain activities

LIfe360 also helps to track activities other than just location. So, you can also enable these options in the app. It lets you see:

  • if your closed one has left or arrived somewhere
  • if someone from your circle starts or stops driving
  • when you receive any voice or text messages on the app
  • low-battery notifications and safe drive updates are smart notification features which are also available.

2. Life360 does NOT always notify about log-outs

Life360 does not notify for logouts directly. Sometimes, it portrays the logouts as if the GPS is off or the device has a poor connection. Hence, it is not possible to find out that notification is due to logouts. However, if it has been a long time since you have tracked the location. Logout might be the reason.

Ways Life360 could detect a logout

1. Location tracking and history

Logout of the app can be detected by interrupted location sharing. If you are unable to track someone for a long time, it might be because they have logged out from life360. As a result, the location history will have no records.

2. Third-party app notifications

You may take the help of a third-party app notification to recognize the logouts. The third-party app when connected to Life360 sends an alert to the device.

Part 3. How to Avoiding Log Out Notification?

1. Temporarily disabling location sharing

A temporary stop on location tracking might help from receiving a logout notification. This will, in turn, not only prevent logout notifications by Life360 but also will turn off driving notifications too.

2. Using Airplane Mode

Switching on airplane mode on the device will prevent the app from initiating location or logout updates. However, we do not recommend this method because you will not be able to use internet services.

Also Know: How to Turn off Life360 Location without Anyone Knowing

Well, if you are wondering if there’s any actual way to turn off Life 360 location without anyone knowing, then we have just the perfect solution for you. You will need to spoof your location and for your convenience we bring you the safest tool MocPOGO to serve the purpose. This tool is created after an in-depth analysis to provide a secure platform to users for location changes. With this professional software, you can change location in any location-based apps and games within seconds.

On top of that, it works with both Android and iOS devices perfectly. Actions like simulating GPS movement, GPS joystick mode, and spoofing over Wi-Fi are some other perks of MocPOGO. MocPOGO has aided more than 100,000 users from various countries. Therefore, if you are looking for a reliable app to alter your location, MocPOGO is the best option.

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How to use Teleport mode in MocPOGO?

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Through this article, we have concluded that Life360 is a family communication where members can connect and share their activities. Does life360 notify when you log out? Yes, it notifies all the members of a circle when you log out. The app will also give updates when you leave the circle, switch to another device, or turn off location services. Therefore, if you are having private meetings, using MocPOGO to change your location will be the best idea.

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