How to Get XL Candy Pokemon Go 2024

Go Beyond update of Pokemon Go increased the level-up cap of Pokemon in December 2020 and introduced a new XL Candy. This currency is the last resort for players to upgrade their Pokemon past level 40. After four years of its launch, people are still confused about its whereabouts. If you are one of them, this guide is for you! We will discuss the best ways to find XL Candy Pokemon Go and help you assess how to use them ideally.

Part 1. What Does XL Candy Do in Pokemon Go?

XL Candy Pokemon Go is an in-game currency to upgrade particular Pokemon. However, it is not similar to the regular upgrade candy of the Pokemon Go. XL Candy is an exclusive component of the game confined to distinct players. It can help users upgrade their Pokemons above level 40.

To take your Pokemon to level 41, you’ll need 10 XL Candy. However, this number keeps increasing with each level. By reaching level 49 of the Pokemon, 20 XL Candy will be required for the next (level 50) upgrade.

Part 2. How to Get XL Candy in Pokemon Go?

While multiple ways to get your hands on exclusive XL Candy Pokemon Go exist, only a few are deemed functional enough. However, we will relentlessly enlist all possible methods to get XL Candy. But before that, you need to know that players with in-game level 31 can only get XL Candy within the interface.

  • Catching Evolved/Rare Pokemon: It is one of the best ways to get XL Candy Pokemon Go swiftly. Catching evolved Pokemon guarantees 2x XL Candy. Legendary and Mythical Pokemons can help you get 3x XL Candy.
  • Catching Unevolved Pokemon: There isn’t a guarantee, but unevolved Pokemon can help players get 1x to 3x XL Candy. The Australian test of the event exhibited a 15% to 20% chance of getting 1 to 3 XL Candy for specific unevolved Pokemon caught.
  • Raid Boss: If you successfully catch a Raid Boss, you’ll be rewarded with one XL Candy Pokemon Go.
  • Hatching Eggs: Hatching eggs is also a great way to get XL Candy Pokemon Go. The longer it takes for an egg to hatch, the more XL Candy you’ll receive.
  • Pokemon Transfer: If you transfer your Pokemon to Professor Willow, there’s a significant chance of getting one XL Candy.
  • Walking With Buddy: A 3-km walk with your Pokemon buddy will get you one regular piece of candy. However, there is a chance of getting XL Candy as well after the walk.
  • Converting Regular Candy: Most Pokemon Go players don’t prefer this method. However, you can turn it into XL Candy if you have plenty of regular ones in stock. Every 100 regular candies will get you 1 XL Candy Pokemon Go.
  • Events with XL Candy Bonuses: Community days and events have special XL Candy bonuses that help you get it quickly.

Trading can also help you with it. The trades between two players result in getting XL Candy for one of them. The odds of getting XL Candy increases with the distance. If the trade distance exceeds 100 Km, the chances of getting XL candy are 100%. However, they drop down to 25% at 10 Km or more and 10% if the distance is less than 10 Km.

Part 3. How to Use XL Candy in Pokemon Go?

Before assessing how to use XL Candy, you must understand that every Pokemon will need specific XL candy for an upgrade. When it comes to utilizing XL Candy in Pokemon Go, the process is relatively simpler. You can use XL Candy Pokemon Go for an upgrade within the powering-up feature. Here are detailed steps to use XL Candy in Pokemon Go:

Step 1: Find the Pokemon you want to upgrade within your storage. If you have multiple variants of the same Pokemon, choose it carefully.

find pokemon

Step 2: The interface of Pokemon Statistics will show you how much XL candy you have for that specific Pokemon.

pokemon statistics

Step 3: Click “Power Up” to select the amount of XL Candy Pokemon Go you want to spend.

power up

Step 4: Adjust the number of XL Candies from the + and – buttons.

adjust the number

Step 5: Click Power Up to level up your Pokemon.

power up again

Part 4. How to Convert Candy to XL Candy Pokemon Go?

Converting Candy is not an effective way to get XL Candy. However, it suits people with tons of regular Candy who want to level up their Pokemon faster. Here are steps to Convert regular Candy into XL Candy in Pokemon Go.

Step 1: Select the Pokemon you want to level up from the storage.

choose pokemon

Step 2: Find the Hamburger icon in the bottom right corner and tap on it.

hamburger icon

Step 3: Click Candy → Candy XL.

candy to candy xl

Step 4: Select the amount of Candy you want to convert using the + and – buttons.

covert candy

Step 5: Click “Exchange.”

exchange candy

Also Know: A Great Aid to Help You Get XL Candy Easier!

If you know all the possible ways to get XL Candy Pokemon Go, you won’t struggle much in stocking it. However, if you want to make the whole process easier and get XL Candy faster, we have a perfect solution. MocPOGO is an excellent location changer app that helps get XL Candy from the comfort of your home.

Thanks to its ideal geo-location spoofing, you no longer have to go on long walks with your Pokemon buddy. You can catch Pokemon, find power-ups, and wander around in specific regions, all while sitting on your couch.

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How To Use MocPOGO To Get XL Candy Pokemon Go?

Before using MocPOGO to get XL Candy, you must install and set it up on your PC. Here are the steps to do that:

Step 1: Download and install MocPOGO on your computer. MocPOGO will instruct you to connect your iOS or Android device. Follow them and connect your phone to the PC.

mocpogo main interface

Step 2: Now, you can easily use teleport features to get XL Candy. Enter the location and hit “Search” to update the map.

enter location mocpogo

Step 3: Select the location by hit “Go” and your Pokemon Go location will be teleported to there.

change location success mocpogo


XL Candy Pokemon Go is an excellent way to increase the level of your Pokemons past 40. Every Pokemon, except Shadow (272 XL Candy) and Purified (360 XL Candy), needs 296 XL Candy to reach level 50. So, it would be a great strategy to start gathering this currency immediately! The above-enlisted ways can help you in getting XL Candy seamlessly. But if you want to get your hands on them faster and easier method, MocPOGO is your best bet! Use it now and get XL Candy in just a few clicks.

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