Top 10 Rarest Pokemon in Pokemon Go & How to Get Them

We all know it’s daunting to catch rare Pokemon. In Pokemon game-play, some Pokemon are rare because of their qualities, power, and availability. These rare Pokemons spawn in particular places; some can be obtained by fighting battles and raids. A few others fight as raid bosses, and you have to beat them to get them.

However, finding the rarest Pokemon in Pokemon Go can be difficult if you don’t know the tricks. No worries, because we are here to guide you. With our comprehensive guide, familiarize yourself with the rarest Pokemons and get the secret tips on how to get them quickly. So, let’s step begin!

Part 1. 10 Rarest Pokemon in Pokemon Go

We have picked the ten rarest Pokemon in Pokemon Go that can level up your gaming experience:

  • Unown
  • Vivillon
  • Kecleon
  • Frigibax
  • Sandile
  • Salazzle
  • Archen
  • Rotom(mow form)
  • Sigilyph
  • Armored Mewtwo

1. Unown

Unown are Psychic-type symbolic rare Pokemon. They were first developed and introduced in Pokemon Gold and Silver. They have 28 shapes. 26 resemble the Latin alphabet, and two more with a question mark and exclamation mark shape. They are found on walls on special occasions. Sometimes, you can also find them in battles.

unown pokemon

2. Vivillon

Vivillon is a rare flying Pokemon, a butterfly that comes in 20 different patterns. It evolves from Spewpa and the final stage of Scatterbug. Vivillon appears in specific battles and raids. It can spread poison with its scales or calm the enemy’s fighting spirit. If you have a Vivillon in your Pokedex, you can easily find water and spring resources because it is highly capable of searching for them.

vivillon pokemon

3. Kecleon

Kecleon is a standard type of chameleon-like reptilian Pokemon. It can change color like its surroundings, making it hard to find and catch. It can quickly attack and capture prey with a long tongue by camouflaging itself in its surroundings. Kecleon is the inhabitant of tropical and temperate forests.

kecleon pokemon

4. Frigibax

Frigibax is a reptilian dual-type dragon ice Pokemon. It can absorb heat with its large dorsal fin on its back and convert it into ice energy. It stores this energy in its body, cools the dwelling, and can change into a refrigerator. It is mainly found in forests and rough areas.

frigibax pokemon

5. Sandile

Sandile is a dark/dual-type ground Pokemon. It is a habitant of the desert and is also known as a cleaner of the desert. It can eat anything that collapses in the desert. It remains under the surface of the desert and can easily swim in sand and be buried deep into the desert at night. It evolves into Krokorok at the start of level 29 and then Krookodile at level 40.

sandile pokemon

6. Salazzle

Salazzle is a female dark poison/fire dual-type Pokemon who resembles a lizard. It lives in caves and emits a poisonous, sweet-smelling gas. The male Salandit are weaker than Salazzle. It attracts male Salandit to serve it with food; if the male Salandit can’t, they get flaming slaps. It appears in specific battles and raids.

salazzle pokemon

7. Archen

One of the rarest Pokemon in Pokemon Go, Archen is restored from a fossil and is a dual-type rock/flying Pokemon. At the beginning of level 37, it turns into Archeops. It has wings, but these are too small for it to fly. However, it can jump and eat berries of a plant that it grows from its cries. It is also known as the defeatist Pokemon as an ability. It appears on special events in Pokemon.

archen pokemon

8. Rotom(Mow Form)

Rotom is an electric/ghost Pokemon that can evolve into another Pokemon or an appliance motor. It creates a Rotom room for the appliances in which it evolves. For instance, if it evolves into the microwave oven, it makes a heat Rotom, becomes a dual type of electric/ fire, and learns to overheat. In short, it is a brilliant rare Pokemon that lives in abundant buildings.

rotom pokemon

9. Sigilyph

Sigilyph, a psychic flying dual-type, is one of the rarest Pokemon in Pokemon Go. It attacks the invaders who enter its territory with its psychic powers. It serves as the guardian of cities. It mainly lives in deserts and rough environments.

sigilyph pokemon

10. Armored Mewtwo

Based on the anime Mewtwo, Armored Mewtwo is an armored primary Pokemon Go card. The only way to get this one of the rarest Pokemon in Pokemon Go is with trade. Armored Mewtwo is the only costume Pokemon that has different stats and moveset. It was first available between 1st and 31st July 2019 in five-star raids. After that, it was seen in one or two more events. Now, it is too rare to find.

armored mewtwo pokemon

Also Know: How to Get Rarest Pokemon in Pokemon Go With High Probability?

By getting the rarest Pokemon, you can complete your Pokedex, raise your level, and enhance your gaming experience. There are some tips to get the rarest Pokemon in Pokemon Go. Let’s discuss how you can increase your chances of getting the rarest Pokemons:

Way 1: Using MocPOGO

As you know, every rarest Pokemon in Pokemon Go is a habitant of a specific place. So, to find them, you must move to that place. However, you can’t move continuously.

So, you might be wondering, how can I get rare Pokemon in Pokemon without moving?

Pokemon Go detects your location by tracking your mobile GPS and shows Pokemon according to your area. So, the easiest way to find the rarest Pokemon in Pokemon Go is by location spoofing.

For this, a location spoofer like MocPOGO can change your location anywhere in the world, giving you a high probability of getting rare Pokemon. To change location with MoPOGO, you don’t need any technical work. Download MocPOGO on your PC and follow the steps below:

anygo logo
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Step 1 Connect your Android or iOS mobile and click “Teleport Mode” to confirm your location.

mocpogo main interface

Step 2: Type the address or GPS coordinates in the search box and click on search.

enter location mocpogo

Step 3: When the location appears on the map, click “Go,” you will be teleported there within a second.

change location success mocpogo

Way 2: By Upgrading Your Trainer Level

The higher the trainer level, the higher the chance to get rare, powerful Pokemon. So, if your level is more than 30, then there are more chances to get the rarest Pokemon in Pokemon Go. You can upgrade your level by taking part in-game events and gaining XP.

You can get extra XP by catching or evolving Pokemon and winning raids. Moreover, when you level up friendships in Pokemon, you get an excellent amount of XP. For instance, you will get 50,000 XP for becoming Ultra Friends and 100,000 XP for best friends.

Way 3: In-Game Trade With Friends

Trading is another helpful way to get rare Pokemon in Pokemon Go. Trading lets you get the region-specific or rare Pokemon you seek for a certain period. But you must follow the trade rules and be within 100 meters of your friend for trade.

Way 4: Hatching Eggs

You can get the rarest Pokemon in Pokemon Go you can’t find in your region by hatching eggs. You can’t determine which Pokemon is inside the egg. However, try to hatch 10km-12km eggs with a high probability of rare Pokemon.

Way 5: By Getting Your Daily Incense

By completing your daily incense, the chances of encountering rare Pokemon increase because it attracts Pokemon towards itself. Daily incense comes into your inventory the first time you complete a research quest. Then it comes daily after midnight local time, and once you activate it, it lasts for 15 minutes.

Daily adventure incense attracts Pokemon when you walk or move. So, start moving, keep an eye on the Pokemon encircled by blue smoke that is attracted by the incense, and try to catch them with Pokeballs.

Way 6: Never Miss In-Game Events

The Pokemon Go events are the best way to catch event-specific rare Pokemon. Stay up to date with the latest events in Pokemon Go because, during these events, you will exclusively get rare Pokemons that you have been missing for a long time.

Way 7: Play the Game in Different Locations

The rare Pokemon are found in specific areas. So, try to play the game in different locations in your city. Visiting various locations increases the chance of getting the habitat.

Way 8: Visiting Pokemon Nests

Pokemon Nests are a great resource to encounter different types of Pokemon. You will find clusters of Pokemon in Pokemon nests. So, search the Pokemon nests in your region and catch as many as possible.

Way 9: By Completing the Special Research Quest

Always complete your research quests and get rewards. When you complete a special research quest, you will receive Mythical Pokemon, which helps add legendary Pokemon to your Pokedex.

Way 10: Catch as many Pokemon as Possible

Catching every Pokemon has its worth. Don’t spare any Pokemon because you don’t need it. When you catch a Pokemon, you will get extra XP and candy. XP upgrades your profile level, and candies are used to evolve Pokemon. So, these two factors boost the chances of getting rare Pokemon in Pokemon Go.

Final Words

The rarest Pokemon in Pokemon Go are specifically available in particular areas. The rare Pokemon in your Pokedex assist you in defeating the invaders and enemies. Try MocPOGO to scale your Pokemon collection. Upgrade your level, catch rare Pokemon, and master Pokemon Go.

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