2024 The Newest Pokemon Go Event You Shouldn’t Miss

For many Pokemon Go players, this New Year event is something to look forward to. Being the first time in 2024, there are a lot of new elements that will appear in the game. In this article, we’ll give you a detailed look at what the event will entail, as well as unique tips for catching Pokemon. Don’t miss this event whatever you are a new users or not!

Pokemon Can Be Hatched from 7 Km Eggs

Yes, some costumed Pokemon is allowed to hatch from 7 km Eggs in this event. Some of the Pokemon are well worth owning, such Pichu wearing a party hat or Togepi. Also, you have the chance to get the Shiny one.

Here are all the Pokemon you can hatch from 7 km Eggs:

Pokemon you can hatch from 7 km Eggs

Pokemon Types and best moveset in Gyms you should know:

Type Best Moveset
Pichu Electric Thunder Shock and Thunderbolt
Cleffa Fairy Pound and Grass Knot
IggIybuff Normal and Fairy Pound and Shadow Ball
Togepi Fairy Hidden Power and Dazzling Gleam
Tyrogue Fighting Rock Smash and Rock Slide
Smoochum Ice and Psychic Pound and Ice Beam
Elekid Electric Thunder Shock and Thunderbolt
Magby Fire Ember and Flamethrower
Azurill Normal Fairy Bubble and Body Slam
Wynaut Psychic Counter and Mirror Coat

Best Time to Hatch Eggs in New Year’s Event

The even bonuses allows you to short the Hatch distance to 1/2 in Incubators. Also, you can use the Pokemon Go Egg hatching widget to achieve 1/4 Hatch Distance for the first three Eggs hatched. it’s worth noting that these bonuses can only be obtained once.

Don’t miss this bonuses when you are trying to hatch the long distance Eggs. The time is January 1, 2024 (10:00 am) to January 3, 2024 (8:00 p.m). What if your Pokemon Go not hatching Eggs? Here is the solution for you.

You can also hatch Eggs in Pokemon Go with GPS joystick using MocPOGo

MocPOGO as one of the popular Pokemon Go Spoofer, you can use it to simulate GPS movements in Pokemon Go with the joystick feature. You can easily hatch Eggs without moving. And it supports the latest iOS and Android version. Here is how to use MocPOGO to hatch Eggs when you are stuck at home.

mocpogo logo
One-Click to Change GPS Location in Pokemon Go
Available for:

168,282 people have downloaded it.

  • Change GPS location on iOS device without jailbreak.
  • Simulate GPS movement with custom speeds.
  • Change the location of all location-based games/apps.
  • Support GPS joystick to play AR game on PC.
  • Multi-Device control up to 15 devices.
  • Support the latest iOS 17/Android 14.

Step 1 Install and launch MocPOGO, hit Start button and then connect your device. Upon successful connection, you will see the current location on the map.

joystick mode mocpogo

Step 2 Now, you will see the GPS joystick button the main interface. Click on the button and then you can use the keyboard to control the game character.

using joystick mode mocpogo

If you want to change the location to another city, MocPOGO also helps you achieve that easily. Just enter the fake location in the search box and the map will located to there. Click on “Go” on the map, then your game character will be teleported to this place.

How to Find Darumaka and Bronzor?

These two pokemon can be found when you complete the filed research tasks. Why you have to catch Darumaka and Bronzor? Here is the answer for you.



Drumaka is a relatively new introduction to Pokemon Go, added as part of the Gen 8 (Galar) rollout. Its unique DraGon and Grass typing makes it an interesting choice for battles. It can deal considerable damage with grass type moves against water, rock, and ground type Pokemon. As a draGon type, it also has an edge over other draGon types. However, its dual typing also makes it vulnerable to a number of common attack types, including Ice, DraGon, Fairy, Flying, Poison, and Bug.

In terms of stats, Drumaka has decent Attack and Defense but falls short in the Stamina department. It’s not the strongest Pokemon in its class, but it can hold its own in certain situations, especially if you can take advantage of its typing.



Bronzor is a Steel/Psychic type Pokemon and is known for its high Defense stat. It can withstand a lot of hits in battles, making it a Good choice for holding gyms. However, its Attack stat is relatively low, which means it won’t be dealing a lot of damage.

Bronzor’s typing makes it resistant to a lot of types, including Psychic, Normal, Flying, Rock, Grass, Ice, DraGon, Fairy, and Steel. It’s also completely immune to Poison. However, Fire, Ground, and Dark moves can cause it a lot of problems.


Both Drumaka and Bronzor have their merits and can be worthwhile catches in Pokemon Go, depending on your battling strategies and what you’re looking for in your team. Drumaka can be a useful attacker in certain situations, while Bronzor can be a solid defender. However, it’s also important to consider other factors like the Pokemon’s IVs, your stardust and candy resources, and your overall strategy in the game.

How to Get Super Incubator and 1,000 Stardust?

In addition to this New Year’s event, there is another event that will help you get Super Incubator and Star easily. However, this requires you use Pokemon Trainer Club (PTC). This reward will last until the end of January, 2024.

What is Pokemon Trainer Club?

The Pokemon Trainer Club is a service provided by The Pokemon Company International. It’s essentially a platform that Pokemon fans can join to gain access to a variety of Pokemon-related services and products. Here are some of its key features:

Account Creation: The Pokemon Trainer Club allows users to create a unified account. This account can be used to log in to various Pokemon services including Pokemon Go, Pokemon Home, Pokemon TV, and the Pokemon Trading Card Game Online.

Newsletter: Members of the Pokemon Trainer Club receive a monthly newsletter by email. This newsletter often includes news about upcoming events, special offers, and sometimes exclusive in-game bonuses for games like Pokemon Go.

Parents’ Account: The Pokemon Trainer Club also allows parents to create an account and link it to their children’s accounts. This feature provides parents with a degree of control over their child’s online activity in Pokemon games and services.

Play! Pokemon: The Pokemon Trainer Club also gives users access to Play! Pokemon, which is the official competitive circuit for Pokemon video games and the Pokemon Trading Card Game. Through Play! Pokemon, members can participate in tournaments, earn points, and potentially qualify for larger events like the Pokemon World Championships.

It’s worth noting that use of the Pokemon Trainer Club can vary from region to region, and not all services may be available in all areas.


Overall, the Pokemon 2024 New Year’s Eve event is overall worth participating in. In addition to this event, there are community days that can help you find Rowlet. If you really want to catch the rare Pokemon but have no where to find them, you can looking for help in reddit to get the specific location or coordinate and use MocPOGO tetelport the location to there. Hope you guys enjoy this grand event!

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