How Do You Make 5 Great Curveball Throws in A Row?

Pokemon Go players have a primary goal of having a huge inventory of rare Pokemons. They are always searching for ways to help them reach the rare one.

If they encounter any rare Pokemon, it is a must to capture it. And the throwing of the curveball plays an important role. Throwing it in the right manner is the actual concern.

We will discuss all the tips and tricks to make 5 great curveball throws in a row. You must read all of them carefully to make it easier to catch the Pokemons you wish to catch. We will also introduce an amazing tool that is efficient in catching the Pokemons.

Part 1. What Is Curveball Throw in Pokemon GO?

A curveball throw is simply a way of capturing Pokemon by throwing the Pokeball in the best possible way. There are several ways to capture a Pokemon, but the 5 consecutive great curveball throws will get you a rare species like Spinda.

When you find a rare Pokemon near you, you must have done some research tasks to gain more XP. We will discuss all the research tasks later in this article to let you know which Pokemon you get after completing the following tasks.

Part 2. How to Make 5 Great Curveball Throws in a Row?

Curveball throws are tricky to understand, but we will give you the important tips and tricks to master them without hassle. Let’s see how to make 5 great curveball throws in a row and get exciting rewards.

1) Choose the Right Poke Balls

Pokeballs include Basic, Great Ball, Ultra Ball, Master Ball, and many more. Each of them has a different catching rate. You must choose the right Pokeball on the Pokemons based on their strength and rarity.

Use Basic Pokeballs to Practice

Before using the premium Pokeballs you must practice with the basic ones so that no resources will be wasted. You must not prioritize catching at this stage but only practice how a Pokeball should be thrown perfectly to catch the Pokemon instantly.

basic pokeballs

You can practice in low-risk situations with higher chances of catching a Pokemon, even if your throw isn’t perfect. You must ensure to use the Pokeball at the accurate time to get the most out of free resources.

Use Great or Ultra Balls for the Best Catch Rate

Once you are done practicing with the regular ones, you must try out the Ultra or Great Ball. They have a higher catching rate, but you must still have some prerequisite knowledge about throwing the Pokeball to make the catch successful.

2) Master the Curveball Wind Up

The curveball increases your catching rate compared to tossing it or throwing it straight to the Pokemon. Mastering the curveball wind-up is tricky, but you must follow the techniques here to use it with proper instructions.

Spin and Release Properly

Before throwing the Pokeball, you must keep spinning it in a circular motion. You can spin it clockwise or anti-clockwise motion before releasing it. It will increase the probability of catching the Pokemon easily.

Don’t Pause or Hold the Ball

Once you have started spinning the ball, don’t pause or hold the ball at any spot. If you stop or hold the ball, you might lose the chance of catching the Pokemon. You must complete a few spinning rounds, give it a flick, and release it to throw it to capture the Pokemon.

Size of the Circle

You noticed earlier a shrink and expanded circle around the Pokemon. Try to release the Pokeball right at the spot when the circle is shrunk to its minimum radius.

size of the circle

Please keep your eyes on it and analyze the movement of the circle. You must wait for the circle to reach your desired radius and throw the Pokeball at that instant.

3) Aim for the Center of the Catch Circle

Throwing the Pokeball at the center of the circle is preferable in order to increase the catching rate. It seems easy to throw the ball to the center, but it isn’t. You have to be attentive because it keeps diverting your mind by shrinking and expanding.

Let’s see how you can recognize the circle’s radius and which precautions you must take before throwing the ball.

Wait for the Smallest Size

While catching a Pokemon, you have noticed once that certain colored circles are shrinking and expanding around the Pokemon. The colors indicate the difficulty of catching at the points. You will find the following colors:

  • Red: Difficult catch
  • Orange: Moderate catch
  • Green: Easy catch

You must target the smallest one because successfully throwing the ball at that spot will increase your chances of getting the Pokemon. You will get bonus XPs on great and excellent throws.

Center of the Circle Lines Up with the Pokemon

Some researchers say that when the circle’s center prominently lines up with the Pokemon, it’s the right moment to throw the ball and capture it. If you want to catch the Pokemon in one attempt, follow this guideline to add the rare Pokemon to your inventory.

Be Patient If the Pokemon Moves

Some of the Pokemons are moving around or jumping nearby. You must wait for the Pokemon to stop at one place and become neutral. Patience will be the key that will lead you to collect the rare Pokemons that your friends are wishing for.

Rushing to any of the Pokemon will make you lose it. Try to move slowly towards it and catch it quickly.

4) Practice Consistently

Practicing consistently with the basic Pokeball will get users motivated. They will be more focused because they have learned from their previous mistakes and experienced great techniques to catch the Pokemons easily. Let’s see which practices will make you capture the Pokemon every time you throw the Pokeball.

Spend Time in Areas with Common Spawns

Targeting common spawns will increase your throwing practices. Some Pokemons are abundant, like Pidgey, Weedle, and Rattata. They could be an ideal target to practice the curveball techniques.

Keep looking for the areas where you can easily find these Pokemons. Find the Pokemon and throw the curveball with different techniques and rotations until you get the perfect one.

Try for Multiple Great Curveball Throws

For higher accuracy, consistent practice is necessary to improve your throws daily. It would be best to practice throwing the Pokeballs frequently to find the best technique for premium catches. After a successful landing practice, try to throw in a row to solidify the technique.

This will enhance the throw timing and accuracy, leading to a unique empire of Pokemons.

Learn to Adapt Your Throws

Hundreds of Pokemon are out there, each with different characteristics. Some of the Pokemons are closer to the ground, while some of them are the flying ones. Let’s see how you can adjust the throws according to the Pokemon.

Moving Pokemons: For moving Pokemons, you must wait for them to sit in a neutral position. If they move, you will probably fail to catch them and lose your resources.

Lower Pokemon: The Pokemons that are on the ground, you aim them slightly lower and curve the ball upwards.

Higher Pokemons: For the flying Pokemons, you aim them higher and curve the ball downwards.

Part 3. What Do You Get for 5 Great Curveball Throws in A Row?

In this part, we will list the rewards you obtain after making 5 great curveball throws in a row. You will get to know some other field research task rewards that will help you to remain focused and follow the strategy to get the desired Pokemon.

Field Research Task Rewards
Make 5 Great Curveball Throws Darumaka/Galarian Darumaka
Make 3 Great Curveball Throws in a row Anorith/Lileep
Make 2 Excellent Throws Dratini
Make 5 Great Curveball Throws in a row Spinda
Make 5 Nice Throws Alolan Diglett/ Diglett/ Sudowoodo
Make 10 Nice Throws Wooper
Make 3 Excellent Throws in a row Beldum/ Gible/ Larvitar
Make 3 Great Throws Omanyte/ Kabuto/ Elygem

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mocpogo main interface

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teleport mode

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teleport mode

Final Words

If you can make 5 Great curveball throws in a row, you can catch any Pokemon and earn rewards. It is quite helpful in catching rare Pokemon. We have discussed how to make 5 great curveball throw in detail. You can try them to enhance your throwing capabilities. For location spoofing, you can use MocPOGO. It helps you play the game in any location and progress faster.

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