2024 Best Guide on How to Get Sun Stone in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go keeps the players glued to the game through various means, especially with a variety of Pokemons, several evolution processes, and a lot more. The game also offers many in-game items to empower Pokemon, including Sun Stone.

It is one of the rarest in-game items that help a specific type of Pokemon to evolve from generation 1 to generation 2. However, it’s not easy to win it in the game so we are going to share some useful tips on how to get Sun Stone in Pokemon Go in this comprehensive guide.

Part 1: What is a Sun Stone?

Sun Stone is a special in-game evolution item that helps you to progress in the game and upgrade certain Pokemon.

Although it’s a scarce stone, it doesn’t mean you can’t get that. Finding the Sun Stone is challenging but once you find and catch it, it will become possible to evolve Gloom, Cottonee, Sunkern, Petilil, and Helioptile Pokemons.

That’s why players desire for Sun Stone and wait until level 10 because it’s only after that you can spot and gain it. So now, that you know what Sun Stone is, let’s move on to how to get sunstone in Pokemon Go in normal ways.

Part 2: How to Get Sun Stone in Normal Ways

Desiring the Sun Stone and putting up the hustle to get it are two different things. If you want to own one, knowing the right tricks and processes in game is pretty significant.

One of the easiest and best ways to get Sun Stone is by visiting as many Pokestops as possible and spinning photo discs. In case you are lucky enough, Sun Stone will show up within a few spins. Sometimes, it may take a lot of spins to get the Sun Stone so be prepared to try your luck. Therefore, visit Pokestops and gyms daily and spin discs to find the Sun Stone.

Another way to earn the Sun Stone is through Field Research and completing Special Research Tasks. They can help you to get some amazing rewards and even provide the Sun Stone.

If you keep sending or receiving gifts from your friends within the game, this also elevates your chances to get Sun Stone so don’t forget to check your received gifts.

Tips: Strategies for Increasing Sun Stone Drop Rates

With a 1% drop rate, earning Sun Stone doesn’t sound like an easy task for any player. You may have to continue a streak of one week to earn a special evolution item.

Like when you are visiting Pokestops or gyms daily, then try to maintain that streak for a week. On the seventh day, you may receive Sun Stone or any other evolution item as a reward for streak maintenance.

In addition, try to spin as many Pokestops as you can. There are 1% chance of finding Sun Stone out of 250 spins so stick to your daily streak. If you keep completing Field research tasks, then also the chances of receiving Sun Stone can soar up.

Are you wondering how to find Pokestops or gyms with less effort? It’s simple! Teleport yourself to the nearest Pokestops. How? Read on to the next section.

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FAQs about How to Get Sun Stone

Q1: How rare is a Sun Stone in Pokemon GO?

The rarity of Sun Stone in Pokemon GO is just 1% at Pokestops. It takes a great deal of struggle and patience to find and catch one. If you complete research tasks after 7 days of streak or continue spinning daily at Pokestops for the same period then, the possibility of finding Sun Stone is high.

Q2: Does the Sun Stone Respawn?

Sun Stone can respawn outside of the city in the overworld so make to catch every item that you encounter to earn a free Sun Stone.

Q3: How do you spin PokeStop?

When you reach closest to a Pokestop, the box on the blue square will open up. Simply, tap the Pokestop and swipe left or right to spin the photo disc.


So, this was all about how to get Sun Stone in Pokemon Go. If you strongly desire to win the Sun Stone, keep following the tricks and tips we mentioned in this guide. You never know when your luck can come in your favor. And no matter how difficult it gets to find Sun Stone; you can increase the chances of finding as many Pokestops as you want with the help of MocPOGO. It’s a specialized tool for changing location in all location-based games or apps. For more details on how to use MocPOGO or some more tips on Pokemon Go, keep reading. Drop your views in the comments if you have some more tips on catching Sun Stone.

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