[2024] How to Get A Dragonite in Pokemon Go? Where to Find It?

Are you someone who is curious about acquiring Dragonite in Pokemon Go? Well, you’re in the right place! There are so many people who have no idea about the same. But worry not when we are here for you. In this article we’re about to unveil the most effective methods for capturing this elusive Pokemon within the game. But wait, there’s more! Alongside not just guiding you on obtaining dragonite pokemon go, we’ll also share a hassle-free approach to playing the game without the need for extensive effort or outdoor exploration. So keep on reading till the end and use it to the fullest!

Why is Dragonite So Rare in Pokemon Go?

We all know this that Dragonite is so rare in Pokemon GO. This is mainly due to its unique evolution process. To begin, you must catch Dratini, typically found near water sources. After capturing Dratini, you’ll need to gather candies to evolve it into Dragonair.

But this is not enough at all—more candies are required to take Dragonair to the next level and transform it into the elusive Dragonite. Interestingly, reaching level 55 in the game can also trigger the evolution of Dragonair into Dragonite. So, the rarity of Dragonite is not only because of its initial scarcity but also because of the time and effort it takes to nurture and evolve this impressive Pokemon.

how to find dragonite

How to Find Dragonite in Pokemon Go?

Now, you must be getting curious to know the ways on how to get a dragonite pokemon go. Well, this is possible in the following ways:

Where to find Dragonite

This option becomes accessible only after attaining the title of Champion. According to reports from IGN editors, Dragonite has been observed in the vicinity of Route 17 and Route 19 near the Seafoam Islands following a sequence of consecutive Pokemon catches. Stay alert and watch out for the shadows that materialize around you!

how to find dragonite in pokemon go

Which countries found Dragonite

Dragonite can be spotted in Cochin, Kerala, India, and it’s not particularly scarce in this region. Despite playing Pokemon Go for a month, users have come across it a few times. Catching Dragonite here can be quite challenging, presenting a notable difficulty in securing it during encounters.

An Easy Way to Get Dragonite in Pokemon Go

Teleporting can also help you to get Dragonite in Pokemon GO. We suggest you to utilize MocPOGO to teleport seamlessly to the designated Pokestop, simplifying the process of completing raids and capturing Dragonite in Pokemon Go. With MocPOGO’s innovative features, teleportation becomes an efficient strategy, allowing you to access desired locations effortlessly. This will be helpful in enhancing overall gameplay experience, providing a convenient solution for those seeking to optimize their raid participation and increase their chances of encountering and capturing the elusive Dragonite.

Step by Step Tutorial

Step 1 Download, install and launch the tool first. Then, connect your device to the PC and initiate the process by selecting the “Teleport Mode” icon to verify and adjust your current location, if inaccuracies are detected.

teleport mode

Step 2 Enter either the location name or coordinates into the search box and click “Search” to pinpoint and select the desired location.

teleport mode

Step 3 Once the location is chosen, locate the “GO” option on the map and click it to execute the teleportation, seamlessly relocating your current position to the selected place.

teleport mode

That’s it, launch the game now and you’ll notice that your avatar has teleported to your selected location. Play the game, complete the raids and catch more pokemons on the go.

Tips to Beat Dragonite in Pokemon Go

If you are curious to know that how you can beat dragonite pokemon go, here are some of it that you can follow. These are:

1. Type Advantage is Key

Dragonite, being a Dragon/Flying-type Pokemon, is susceptible to attacks from Ice-type and Dragon-type moves. Equip your Pokemon with powerful Ice-type or Dragon-type moves for maximum damage. Pokemon like Lapras, Articuno, and other Ice-type specialists can be particularly effective in battles against Dragonite.

2. Master Dodging Techniques

Dragonite boasts formidable attack power, so mastering dodging techniques is crucial in battles. Pay close attention to its charged moves and time your dodges effectively to minimize damage. A well-timed dodge can be the difference between victory and defeat.

3. Leverage Status-Inducing Moves

Utilize Pokemon with moves that can inflict status conditions on Dragonite, such as freezing or lowering its attack. Status-inducing moves can disrupt Dragonite’s offensive capabilities, giving you an edge in battles. Pokemon with moves like Blizzard or Ice Beam can be especially effective in this regard.

4. Assemble a Diverse Team

Building a well-rounded team is essential for overcoming Dragonite. Include Pokemon with a variety of strong moves, covering different types and providing strategic options. This diversity ensures adaptability during battles, increasing your chances of success against the mighty Dragonite.

What Is the Best Time to Evolve Dragonite in Pokemon Go?

The best time to evolve a Dragonair into Dragonite in Pokemon Go is typically after ensuring that your Dragonair has acquired its optimal moveset. Movesets can significantly impact a Pokemon’s effectiveness in battles, raids, and gyms. Before evolving, check the moves available to Dragonite and aim for a combination that maximizes its damage output. Dragon-type moves such as Dragon Tail and Draco Meteor are generally preferred for Dragonite’s moveset.

Additionally, consider evolving your Dragonair when you have accumulated enough candies to power up your Dragonite immediately after evolution. This allows you to maximize Dragonite’s Combat Power (CP) right from the start. Timing your evolution strategically ensures that you evolve a Dragonite with the best possible moveset and the potential for immediate power-ups, making it a formidable asset in your Pokemon Go adventures.

Final words

In conclusion, the key to dragonite pokemon go where to find lies in selecting the optimal moveset, prioritizing powerful Dragon-type moves. But don’t forget that you can do it by teleporting your location as well. With the help of MocPOGO, you will be able to teleport your location and get the advantages right away. Try it now and have a great gaming experience ahead!

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