[Safe and Easy] How to Hack Pokemon Go – 2024

“Gotta Catch ‘Em All” is what Pokemon Go players strive for; their goal is to complete the Pokedex as fast as possible.

Playing Pokemon Go the natural way is really time-consuming and difficult for most players. Therefore, they look for how to hack Pokemon Go and enjoy the extra benefits and features without struggling.

It is possible to hack Pokemon Go, and there are multiple ways to do that, such as GPS spoofing, auto-walk, and IV checking. In this article, we will explain how to hack Pokemon Go with different apps and tools. We will share the step-by-step procedure so that you can follow along.

Part 1. How to Hack Pokemon Go Safely [Location & Walking]

The most important hacks for Pokemon Go are location spoofing and auto-walking. With location spoofing, you can teleport to anywhere and play the game. The auto-walk helps you complete the walking goals for hatching and adventure tasks.

You need a reliable location spoofing tool that can offer these features without getting your account banned. MocPOGO is a great option for Android and iOS users. It changes your GPS location with one click. You can use the teleport mode to fake any location in the world. It also has two-spot and multi-spot modes to imitate natural movement on the map.

The notable feature of MocPOGO is the cooldown timer. It helps you spoof locations within the limit to prevent bans. You can use it to spoof the location of up to 15 devices at a time.

mocpogo logo
One-Click to Change GPS Location on iOS/Android
Available for:

168,282 people have downloaded it.

  • Change GPS location on iOS device without jailbreak.
  • Simulate GPS movement with custom speeds.
  • Change the location of all location-based games/apps.
  • Support GPS joystick to play AR game on PC.
  • Multi-Device control up to 15 devices.
  • Support the latest iOS 17/Android 14.

Step 1 Download and install MocPOGO on your device. Open the app and click Start.

mocpogo main interface

Step 2 Connect the device to the computer and select iOS or Android. Next, you will see the current location on the map.

teleport mode

Step 3 Enter the address or coordinates in the search bar. Click Search. You will see the new location on the map. Click Go to change the location.

teleport mode

Part 2. How to Hack Pokemon Go to Level Up Faster

You can level up faster in Pokemon Go by using some special hacks. For instance, you can use the auto-catching feature to make sure you don’t miss any Pokemon. And if you want to catch more Pokemon, the spawn booster feature is incredible.

There are tons of hacks like this to level up faster, but the question is, how do you get them?

You need to use iPogo, which is a modified version of Pokemon Go. It offers you some exciting features, such as auto-catcher, non-shiny blocker, spawn booster, auto-walk, etc. You can level up faster in the game and enjoy it to the fullest.

Let’s check out how to use iPogo.

Step 1: iPogo is available for Android and iOS. Go to the official website and install the application on your device.

ipogo android

Step 2: Open the app on your device and set up your account. If you have bought the premium version, activate it.

Step 3: Once you are logged in, you’ll see a few options on the left. These are for changing location, adjusting speed, auto-walking, favorite places, etc. You are ready to use any of them to level up faster.

use ipogo android

Part 3. Other Pokemon Go Hacks for iOS or Android

Other than iPogo, there are several apps that can hack Pokemon Go on Android and iOS.

Pokemon Go++ (iOS/Android)

Pokemon Go++ is another hacked version of Pokemon Go. It has some built-in exciting features that help you progress faster in the game.

But the makers of Pokemon Go++ were sued by Niantic. That’s why it is not officially available; however, you can download it from third-party websites, such as BuildStore.


  • Easy to hack the game features with one tap
  • An all-in-one app for location spoofing, auto-walking, Pokemon catching, etc.


  • No updates available
  • Pokemon Go can catch it easily
  • Difficult to set up

PGSharp (Android)

PGSharp is a popular option among Android users. It offers incredible features, even more than some other modified apps.

Some of its cool features are Joystick, Enhanced Throw, Auto Transfer, Quick Catch, Encounter IV, and Custom GPX.

The basic features are available in the free version; however, for extraordinary features, you have to get a monthly subscription.

pgsharp android


  • Extremely easy to install
  • Frequent updates are available
  • Tons of features


  • Frequent use can lead to account bans

Fake GPS Location Pro (Android)

Fake GPS Location Pro is a location spoofer directly available on the Google Play Store. It can instantly fake your location to anywhere in the world. So, you can play Pokemon Go anywhere you like.

fake gps location pro


  • Easy to install
  • Realistic maps
  • Joystick mode


  • Only for location spoofing
  • Can lead to account bans
  • Too many ads

Must-Known Tips: Risks and Ethical Considerations

Niantic does not allow the use of any location spoofer or modified apps because these give an unfair advantage to some players. In the past, the company has sued various app developers for creating modified apps.

If you get caught using any modified app or location spoofer, Niantic will ban your account. You need to keep in mind that you may lose your account.

It is better to use the features you need within the limit. For instance, if you can’t go out of your home and play Pokemon Go outdoors, you can use a location spoofer. But make sure to use it within the limit. Use MocPOGO’s cooldown timer to prevent over-spoofing.

Don’t take excessive advantage. Use these tools ethically, and if you overuse them, you won’t be able to enjoy the gameplay. Try to use everything within the limits and boundaries of the game’s terms of service.


We have discussed how to hack Pokemon Go in detail. You can use these tools to make the game more enjoyable and progress faster. But keep in mind that modified apps lead to account bans; they are not safe. It is better to pick a location spoofing tool like MocPOGO. It will help you in location spoofing and auto-walking. You’ll be able to fake locations within the limits and enjoy the game to the fullest.

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