[Full Guide] How to Get Snorlax in Pokemon Go 2024?

Capturing rare Pokemon like Snorlax is difficult and time-consuming. It requires proper planning, thrilling challenges, and a proactive mind. Snorlax appears in the game at specific and rare events and raids from where it can be captured easily. Other than this, many other efficient and easy ways of getting Snorlax in Pokemon Go 2024 exist.

If you want to know those methods, read this article completely. We will share a complete guide on how to get Snorlax in Pokemon Go through different ways in 2024. Moreover, we will also mention an amazing and extraordinary tool for getting Snorlax by spoofing locations.

Part 1. What You Need to Know about Snorlax in Pokemon Go

Snorlax is an iconic and popular Pokemon in Pokemon Go 2024. It is famous for various reasons, like its immense strength, love of sleep, and massive size. Its formidable presence and laid-back nature make it a fan favorite after its debut in the original Pokemon game.

Snorlax, often found blocking pathways and sleeping in inconvenient places, demands trainers to use specific techniques or items to awaken it. Besides its sleepy appearance, it boasts outstanding stats, making it a strong battle opponent. It shows its distinctive drowsiness and resilience by regaining health through sleep. This action is performed by the “Rest” move, which is Snorlax’s signature move.


Due to its exceptional stats and abilities, it is one of the most desirable Pokemons in raids and battles. It can absorb substantial damage due to its durability and high HP stats. Its Attack stats allow it to deliver and throw strong hits to opponents. The key abilities of Snorlax, like “Thick Fat” and “Immunity,” decrease damage from ice-type & fire moves and prevent poisoning, respectively. Furthermore, this unique Pokemon can enhance its longevity in battles by restoring HP through sleep. Such strong attacks, strategic abilities, and high endurance make Snorlax a desirable and perfect trainer’s choice.

Snorlax is an evolved form of Munchlax, a baby Pokemon introduced and appeared in the IV generation. This evolution of Snorlax from Munchlax occurs at a high level of friendship between Munchlax and its trainer. Other than evolution, it does not have additional variants or forms but enhanced Combat Power and a unique set of moves throughout the battles. Snorlax’s iconic and appealing status in the Pokemon franchise is proved by its consistent popularity in different Pokemon games. Hence, it always remains on the priority list of fans of all Pokemon game generations.

Part 2. How Do You Get Snorlax in Pokemon GO?

Several methods are available to acquire Snorlax in Pokemon GO 2024. Catching this Pokemon demands patience and consistency throughout the events or gameplays while following tactics simultaneously.


Some diverse paths to catch this powerful and beloved Pokemon are mentioned below.

Wild Encounters:

As a rare Pokemon, Snorlax occasionally spawns in the wild, especially during the events. By considering this, trainers can significantly increase the chances of capturing Snorlax on specific days and events, particularly those dedicated to certain Pokemon.

Raid Battles:

Snorlax occurs as a raid boss in different raid battles. Always join such cooperative multiplayer events to catch Snorlax there. Such battles are scheduled on a regular basis and can be seen from the in-game raid notification or raid maps. Always remember to team up with good players before joining such events. This will increase the chances of achieving successful results.

Egg Hatching:

Snorlax can hatch from a 10km egg; thus, chances of getting Snorlax also increase after acquiring a 10km egg from Gym or PokeStop. Although this 10km egg hatching is not always for Snorlax as the content is always randomized, there is still always a high probability of getting rare Pokemon from such eggs.


Snorlax can be traded with friends to potentially obtain this Pokemon with desired and enhanced IVs and moves. Stardust as a trade cost and proximity to trading partners are the requirements for trading Snorlax.

Research Breakthrough:

Research Breakthrough events are arranged to win rewards after the success. Snorlax can also be used as a reward for completing such research breakthrough events. It is always recommended to join and complete such tasks on a weekly basis to get Snorlax as a guaranteed reward.

All these methods give opportunities to trainers for catching and adding Snorlax to their Pokemon Go collection. A strategic and mindful plan will be required to follow any of the above-suggested methods.

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Let’s see how to get Snorlax in Pokemon Go using MocPOGO.

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Final Words

We have discussed how to get Snorlax in Pokemon Go in detail and covered every method of catching it. Whether you want to join a raid battle, participate in research breakthroughs, hatch a 10km egg, or trade to get Snorlax, an active plan with much patience is always required. We have shared different strategies for different scenarios to make everything clear for trainers if they want to capture Snorlax. Use MocPOGO GPS Spoofer to change your location in the game and catch rare Pokemon without any hassle.

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