[2024] Can You Trade Shadow Pokemon? A Detailed Guide to Check

From around 1000 number of Pokemon in Pokemon Go, Shadow is desired by many due to its rarity so players are always ready for the fun and challenge to catch it. Because of this, several players often wonder “Can you trade shadow Pokemon?”

You need to have special skill sets and strategies to defeat Shadow that’s why we are here with this guide to help you. In this detailed guide, we are sharing some important tips on trading Shadow Pokemon, catching it easily, and whether it’s better to purify or trade.

Part 1. Can You Trade Shadow Pokemon in Pokemon Go?

The look and nature of Shadow attracts plenty of players so they wish to trade it. But, it’s not possible in reality. They aren’t similar to the regular Pokemon which you can keep in your collection and trade whenever you like.

When Pokemon Go was introduced to this world, Shadow was tradable. But after 2019, Niantic brought some changes. This banned the exchange of Shadow creatures for any trade because Niantic found that one can get 100% Pokemon with purification.

Part 2. Is It Better to Keep Shadow Pokemon or Purify?

It completely depends on your personal choice. After all, Shadow Pokemon is powerful enough to deal with damage without being purified. Its defense rises in the multiple of 0.8333. However, you need to be well aware of the opponent’s strengths and weaknesses.

This is because unpurified Shadow becomes vulnerable and loses their ability to withstand the attacks for too long. So, depending upon the scenario, you must figure out whether to keep the Shadow in its natural form or purify it.

For instance, in raids, it’s better to keep it unpurified to handle the damages well and yield powerful attacks. On the other hand, purification can boost both CP and HP, providing a better defense.

Part 3. How to Purify Shadow Pokemon and Get Trade

If you are still wondering “Can you trade shadow Pokemon”, so let’s end the wait here. Earlier, we said that you can’t trace the Shadow Pokemon but there’s an indirect way to do so. All you need to do is purify the Shadow Pokemon.

However, purifying a Shadow Pokemon comes at a certain cost. You have to invest a lot of Candy and Stardust for the purification to complete. For example, purifying the legendary Shadow Pokemon demands 20 Candy and 20000 Stardust.

To trade your Shadow Pokemon, follow these instructions:

Step 1: Open your “Storage” in the Pokemon Go and find the Shadow Pokemon you have captured. Its identity will be surrounded by a purple flame.

Step 2: Choose the Pokemon and it will open up some new options such as “Purify”, “Power Up”, and “Evolve”.

purify pokemon

Step 3: Next, simply click on “Purify” and choose “Yes” to confirm. Within a few seconds, the Shadow Pokemon will purify and become ready to trade.

Part 4. How to Catch Shadow Pokemon in Pokemon Go?

Catching the Shadow Pokemon will involve you in the battle with Team Rocket. Doesn’t it sound easy to you? Well, yes, it is that much easy!

First of all, spot the nearest Pokestop. If it’s far from your current location, aim for the Team Rocket balloon and battle with it. Their hot air balloon appears in the PokeMap in 6 hours of gap.

Once you defeat the Team Rocket, the game will reward you with some XPS and 500 Stardust. Apart from that, you will also get medals for purifying Pokemon and defeating Team Rocket.

Also Know: No Team Rocket Around You? Try MocPOGO

What if even the Team Rocket balloon does not appear near you? This means a lot of struggles coming in the way of catching the Shadow Pokemon. We can help you to find the Team Rocket easily with the help of the MocPOGO location finder.

MocPOGO is an efficient and reliable tool for teleporting yourself virtually to any of your desired places. Hence, no matter where the Team Rocket balloon is flying, you can take yourself there within seconds and even reach the nearest Pokestop.

Step 1. Download and Install

Download and install MocPOGO on your computer. Launch the software and hit “Start” to move on.

mocpogo main interface

Step 2: Start Teleporting

From the interface, click on the “Teleport Mode” icon to get your current location if it’s not showing the right one.

select device

Step 3: Type the Location

To teleport to the desired place, enter the location name or its coordinates in the given search box. After entering, hit the “Search” button to move to the desired location.

teleport mode

Step 4: Finish Teleporting

On the map, you will now see the “GO” option. Click on it to teleport to the location of your wish.

teleport mode

Final words

Hopefully, you now have the answer of “Can you trade Shadow Pokemon” or not, isn’t it? We know it’s a little challenging to catch it, but nothing seems impossible with the right strategy and tool. Everyone who wants Shadow on their list must be well prepared for the battle with Team Rocket. Even when you are planning for purification, don’t worry about losing the candies or stardust. In the end, you can always use the MocPOGO location spoofer for visiting the closest Pokestops, gyms, and nests, and finding Team Rocket within seconds.

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