2024: Does Grindr Xtra Free Hack Available?

Grindr is among the prominent dating applications for the gay or LGBTQ+ community. But its Grindr xtra premium plan demands a cost to access the features. This is where using the Grindr xtra free hack makes it easy to access the premium features of Grindr for free.

With Grindr Xtra Hack, you can access the advanced features of Grindr Xtra for free for 12 months. Continue reading the blog to touch every tutorial on how to hack Grindr xtra for free.

grindr xtra free hack

Part 1: What Is Grindr Xtra?

The Grindr Xtra subscription-based dating app service introduced by Grindr specifically for LGBTQ+ people gives them the choice to meet and interact with the best people globally. With Grindr Xtra, users gain access to exclusive features and experience a better user experience than Grindr’s free version.

Part 2: How to Get Grindr Xtra for Free

With Grindr Xtra Hack, you can unlock all the app’s features for free. Below are the steps for how to hack grindr xtra for free.

For iOS User

Using Flex2

Step 1: Get Flex for your iOS device, tap “Add” (+), go to “New App,” and select Grindr.

Step 2: Select “Add Units”, then open “Grindr.”
Step 3: Now, locate the following lines and activate them.

  1. (unsigned int) cascadeLimit
  2. (BOOL) isXtraUser
  3. (BOOL) profileSwipeEnabled
  4. (BOOL) pushNotificationsEnabled
  5. (void) setPushNotificationsEnabled
  6. (int) xtraSubscriptionDaysRemaining
  7. (int) xtraSubscriptionSecondsRemaining

Step 4: Make the necessary edits to values

  1. (unsigned int) cascadeLimit 10000
  2. (BOOL) isXtraUser TRUE
  3. (BOOL) profileSwipeEnabled TRUE
  4. (BOOL) pushNotificationsEnabled TRUE
  5. (void) setPushNotificationsEnabled TRUE
  6. (int) xtraSubscriptionDaysRemaining 30
  7. (int) xtraSubscriptionSecondsRemaining 120

Step 5: Navigate to the main screen and turn on the changes .

Step 6: Restart Grindr now, and the premium features of Grindr Xtra will become available.

For Android User

First, this can be the biggest barrier and trap for most users for Grindr xtra hack Android. When you search for Grindr xtra hack Android online, many websites claim to offer the full version of Grindr APK for free. In addition, some sites claim to offer “Grindr Xtra hack APK 2024”, but in reality they’re not to be trusted at all.

It’s best to stay away from these sites or download unknown APKs that could have been tampered by third parties or aren’t working. Many are complete scams aimed at infecting your computer or smartphone with malware or spyware.

Thus, we recommend leaving any free site they offer. Since these tend to deceive users, they encourage downloading Apk files on Android, compromising your security.

It’s important to realize that third-party modifications and hacks can expose your device to security risks. Grindr Xtra monitors any anomalies, so if they spot something weird, you will be banned.

Part 3: Why You Need A Grindr Xtra?

One cannot use Grindr without subscribing to the Xtra or Unlimited plans. A popular gay dating app, Grindr, offers many features for connecting users. In contrast, Grindr’s free version is seriously limited, rendering it unusable for most people.

If you want to maximize your experience and open doors for more matches, upgrade to Grindr Unlimited or Grindr Xtra. Here are some of the standout features that make Grindr stand out:

Group Chat: The Grindr app offers a group chat feature to help men find partners. An app with this feature is a great social media platform for gay dating. It offers seven different options for connecting with people through the app. Those seven options are dating, chatting, friends, networking right now, relationships, and the unknown.

Filter Search: With Grindr Xtra, you can search profiles based on your preferences. With the app, you can customize your search by applying many filters. It lets you select based on age, location, height, weight, body type, and sexual health.

Messaging Features: With Grindr dating apps, you can similarly message others to chatting apps. Sending and receiving messages is easy. The app also allows you to check whether your message was read, as with WhatsApp.

Block or add to your favorite profiles: On Grindr, you can add the profiles of people you like to your favorites. This lets you stalk an individual’s profile without starting a conversation. Furthermore, you can block profiles of people you feel uncomfortable around. As a result, you can date in a safe and secure environment.

Part 4. Free Grindr Xtra Accounts Sharing

Numerous sites share Free Grindr Xtra accounts, but these accounts are often taken down or don’t work. Hence, we have provided free Grindr Xtra accounts that work correctly for your convenience.

Email Password Subscription Plan
[email protected] evballyt964 Grindr Xtra
[email protected] Rasgihihpt Grindr Xtra
[email protected] exvachimo92 Grindr Xtra
[email protected] 2021Free Grindr Xtra
[email protected] 58warring Grindr Xtra

Also Know: How to Fake Grindr Location for Free

Faking the Grinder location is a great way to prevent unnecessary tracking when using Grindr, and it makes finding your soulmate a lot easier. One efficient tool to fake Grindr Locations for free is MocPOGO. It is a one-stop location-changer platform for iOS and Android devices. With this tool, you can get the match from various locations right from home.

anygo logo
One-Click to Change GPS Location on iOS/Android
Available for:

168,282 people have downloaded it.

  • Change GPS location on iOS device without jailbreak.
  • Simulate GPS movement with custom speeds.
  • Change the location of all location-based games/apps.
  • Support GPS joystick to play AR game on PC.
  • Multi-Device control up to 15 devices.
  • Support the latest iOS 17/Android 14.

Step-by-Step Tutorial

Here is the step-by-step method to use Teleport Mode to change the location and open ways to find a partner from multiple destinations:

Step 1. Install and launch the MocPOGO app from its official website. Then hit Start button followed by selecting the device variant you need to spoof location of.

mocpogo main interface

Step 2: Now, use the “Teleport Mode” icon to show you your current location. Next, choose the location you desire, for this you need to either enter the name or coordinates of the location in the search box, then click “Search.”

enter location mocpogo

Step 3. From the appearing list, select the one you need and then hit it. Lastly, the “Go” option will now appear on the map. Click it to teleport to this location.

change location success mocpogo


Q1: The Risks and Downsides of using Grindr Xtra Hack

A violation of Grindr’s terms of service is grounds for permanent account bans because the app monitors unauthorized access.

Users of hacked Grindr Xtra are usually required to install patches or modifications to keep premium features. As each update is made to the app, patches may fall out of date, requiring users to search for and reapply them continually.

Installing and downloading third-party applications is dangerous because it provides access to hacked versions of Grindr Xtra. Unauthorized sources sometimes contain malware, viruses, and other threats that could compromise your device’s safety and privacy.

Q2: Best Alternatives to Grindr

Scruff: Scruff is the perfect alternative to Grindr. It has quickly become a favorite resource for LGBTQ communities seeking partners for various reasons. With the app, you can browse over 12 million users worldwide.

Eharmony: An alternative to Grindr, Eharmony aims to attract men with higher compatibility standards. With an elaborate matchmaking algorithm involving personality tests, users are matched based on compatibility.


Grindr is a one-stop dating platform for the gay community that allows them to meet numerous people and get the best possible match. It comes at a cost, but with Grindr Xtra hack, you can access the premium features for free. If you cannot find enough choices at your location, MocPOGO is the way to go. With this location changer, no more limiting yourself to a single location. It allows you to change the location, dive into more options, and choose the perfect fit.

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